Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
rank: 1 name: George Fox University teams: Lab Section A Lab Section B Lab Section C Lab Section D Lab Section E teammates: 97 Total Points: 39185  
rank: 2 name: Texas Christian University teams: TCU Sustainable Frogs teammates: 51 Total Points: 23581  
rank: 3 name: Portland Community College teams: SOC 228 Spring17 teammates: 37 Total Points: 8742  
rank: 4 name: University of Wisconsin La Crosse teams: Eagles UWL Green Team teammates: 70 Total Points: 8090  
rank: 5 name: Ramapo College teams: LAWS Staff 1-STEP Beekeeping Club Sustainability Committee teammates: 26 Total Points: 5083  
rank: 6 name: University of Puget Sound teams: University of Puget Sound teammates: 18 Total Points: 3265  
rank: 7 name: Ramapo College of New Jersey teams: Faculty Student Commuters Yoga Club teammates: 43 Total Points: 2736  
rank: 8 name: Clark Atlanta University teams: CAU Panthers teammates: 22 Total Points: 2115  
rank: 9 name: Ramapo College Disc Club teams: RC Hammer teammates: 9 Total Points: 1283  
rank: 10 name: teams: TCU teammates: 1 Total Points: 1131  
rank: 11 name: Portland Seminary teams: Reedwood Friends teammates: 6 Total Points: 681  
rank: 12 name: Northwest Earth Institute teams: Higher Education Sustainability Leaders teammates: 4 Total Points: 540  
rank: 13 name: Gemsters against wastefulness teams: Gemster Inc teammates: 1 Total Points: 365  
rank: 14 name: teams: GREEN NWEI Internal Test teammates: 2 Total Points: 330  
rank: 15 name: Green Hope teams: Hope College Greenies teammates: 1 Total Points: 45  
rank: 16 name: MetLife teams: MetLife teammates: 1 Total Points: 25