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Campus EcoChallenge gives you the tools and inspiration to create change and contribute to a sustainable future.
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Take the challenge and make a difference for your campus, and the world! Team up with students from your school, and take action on the issues that you care about during the Campus EcoChallenge.
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Campus EcoChallenge 2016-17 participants


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  • May 30 at 6:23 PM
    I was sorry to miss the last class, though i did write my vision of where Reedwood would be in 2050 and shared it with Cherice. Here's what I said: Reedwood 2050   At our Wednesday evening class, Cherice asked us to imagine Reedwood of 2050. During the discussion that followed our small groups, Dea Cox asked if the ecological crisis was...
  • May 30 at 6:20 PM
    I have just returned from my annual Redwood Men's Center Conference. This is the 18th consecutive conference I have attended. I consider it to be my spiritual home. It has been the source all my spiritual growth in the last two decades. At one point during the weekend, I shared Cherice's "Hope" slide that she had shared with us in our...
  • May 24 at 6:20 PM
    I am loving the readings this week. This prophetic vision seems ideally suited for Reedwood . . . but I fear that it may be a hard sell? We'll see.